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Desk sharing made easy

Support hybrid work, without compromise and in a free of charge package!


Our focus, the well-being and the promotion of collaboration of employees in a hybrid work environment, alternating between office and home office. Likewise, we focus on the challenges for employers to manage workplaces, space usage and collaboration in a hybrid work environment.

We are a small startup from Switzerland with 20 years of combined experience in Human Resources - no profit investors, our investments are heart and soul, time and some of our own savings 😉.


In 2020 we had the privilege to transform the offices of our employer (> 200 workplaces) from classic offices to a hybrid way of working as project managers. 2 years later, as founders of Raydesk, we accompany a multinational company with over 30,000 employees to introduce flexible workplaces with our own app.

How did that happen?

When introducing a hybrid work environment, we immediately realized that we needed an app to book workstations to make it easier for employees to book their office desks. Desk sharing usually has the advantage of reducing the number of workstations in favor of meeting rooms or office space that can be used for other purposes. The downside: some employees are unsettled, perhaps even stressed, because they aren't sure when or where they can find a free workstation, parking space or meeting room.

First and foremost, we wanted to avoid having the HR department record on Excel in the future who is at which workstation. So we started looking for a suitable software solution. In the process, we discovered that there are already numerous providers. However, their strategy seems to be to «get in touch"discuss" the project.


We didn't want to go through the same sales calls over and over again with people who had only heard about desk sharing in theory and had little or nothing to do with people management. In addition, we did not intend to buy any of the companies 😊 we want to say, the pricing was unfortunately often intransparent or not sustainable for such an application for many companies. We also didn't like the fact that with many providers you can't see at first glance exactly what the app looks like "in game" - simple and intuitive handling was important to us. In addition, a beautiful design, so that the users enjoy using the app.

It was quickly clear to us that we had to create an application ourselves that would support employees and companies in the new FlexDesk world in order to book and manage workplaces, meeting rooms or parking spaces as easily as possible. That's how Raydesk came into being - an app that every company can afford and use without much effort or IT knowledge - in an outstanding quality also in terms of data protection.


We have decided to make the basic version of Raydesk available to the whole world, free of charge. On our website you can see transparently how the app looks like, what it can do and how much it costs.

As full-blooded HR guys, we are aware that not everything can be solved with an app, we are happy to be there for you personally if you have questions around the introduction of desk sharing in connection with Raydesk - this exchange is of course also free of charge, because it just makes us happy😊.

We wish you a lot of fun while creating your hybrid work environment - it will bring a lot of joy to you and your employees.



I have been working in HR for over 15 years in various functions, currently as HR Manager.


I have recently complemented my practical experience by completing a Master's thesis on resilience in the context of remote work. This topic is very important to me, as I sincerely wish employees and employers to be able to benefit from the advantages of hybrid work, which can be good for all of us if we manage it with our best.

If you would like to talk to me about it or have any questions about Raydesk, just give me a call or send me an email. I am looking forward 😊 All the best !


Patrik, HR Manager

Co-Founder Raydesk

Tel: +41 79 219 42 05


I have a technical education as an electronics engineer and a degree as a product designer.


I follow enthusiastically new technical achievements and try to focus on the user in the design of a product. In doing so, I pay a lot of attention to simple aesthetics.


I am convinced that people are happy to settle for something simple but also appealing. For four years I have been applying my know-how in an HR environment. I like the "challenge" of connecting technology and people.


We all feel the advancing digitalization in the world of work - whether we have taken all employees along the way? I am eager to hear your opinion and will be happy to assist you, especially with regard to the technical implementation of FlexDesking.


Leonardo, Product Designer 

Co-Founder Raydesk

Tel: +41 79 959 90 24

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