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Safety and security

Data Residency

Our application servers are based on the location of Zurich, Switzerland but accessed internationally.

We are proud to use the secured servers from the art-of-the-state engineering.

Data Removal

Our customer data is stored on Google Cloud Servers, which follows strict guidelines to protect and delete customer data.

For more information, please visit

Secure Payment Details

Currently we are using Stripe as our payment systems, which is PCI-Compliant and dedicatedly store sensitive payment data with safety. You never need to save payment information on our servers.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery - uses Active backups of customer data for recovery in Private cloud storage provided by Google cloud ( Google buckets )

Data Center Security

Raydesk is a Cloud based service, hosted by secured Google Cloud Platform. Client data’s security is our highest priority. For more compliance information, you can visit


Raydesk applications traffic is deployed through the standard web traffic port 443.

Uptime & Reliability

 Our codes are audited before deploying to production servers and we always test and look for any possible bugs in it. Whenever any issues are reported, we will keep posting updates.


We take the security of your private data very seriously, and treat it as a banner metric for success internally. You can find a complete outline in our privacy policy.

Automated Security Updates

Raydesk’s servers are configured for periodic check-ups for updates, which are then automatically installed into your system

No Spam

Raydesk adheres to the industry standard and there will be no spam, no adverts, and your data is safe with us, we never sold your data at any conditions.


Raydesk provides encrypted services to all its connections via SSL/TLS 1.2+. Servers are secured and you can only access through HTTPS. All certificates are verified with third party authorities.

How to contact us

For any additional queries or data related questions you can always reach out to our team at Raydesk, email us on and we’ll promptly reply to your questions.

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