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  • What is Raydesk?
    Raydesk is a desk-sharing software specially designed and developed for small and medium companies to easily adapt to the desk-sharing culture without any bumping troubles. Raydesk will provide you an easy-to-follow solution for every desk-sharing issue. The tools provided by Raydesk are unique and simple. Anybody in the office can use them.
  • How do I register on Raydesk?
    To register at Raydesk. You have to log in to and fill in the normal details, like name, company’s name, email for admin, and chose a password. And ta-da, you are a registered Raydesk user now; we will send you a confirmation email at your email address with a login link. That’s easy.
  • Do I get any sales calls after I registered on Raydesk?
    No, there will be no annoying sales calls after you registered. However, we give you a choice to upgrade with the premium version of Raydesk to add on a customized solution for your company.
  • Is there any free version of Raydesk?
    Yes, Raydesk is free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to the basic version of Raydesk. But you will get all the benefits of desk-sharing software – You can book a desk, create a user, and check your bookings by using the basic version and many more.
  • How long I get to use the free version of Raydesk?
    The free version of Raydesk is free for an unlimited period with Raydesk’s branding. What will I get in the paid version of Raydesk? You will get everything from the basic version (Free version). The add-on is brand customization; you can add your logo, activate a subdomain, and add color combinations to match your brand identity. You will also be provided by three admin account to get more control over your desksharing policy
  • Can I use my customized company’s logo on Raydesk?
    Yes, you can use your company’s logo at Raydesk’s paid version.
  • How to book a desk using Raydesk?
    Follow simple instructions from our Raydesk Helpdesk to create, book, and delete your tables, users and buildings. To book a desk – Login to Raydesk -> Go to ‘Book my desk’ section -> Select a time-frame for your desk -> Search for free desks at that time frame and date -> Select a table from the floor map -> Click ‘Book now. That’s it. Your desk is booked by using Raydesk desk-sharing solution.
  • What is desk-sharing?
    Desk sharing is an arrangement of work where one workstation is shared between multiple persons. It is pre-arranged between the employees to allow each of them access to workstations/desks whenever required. Companies are facing serious underutilization and high maintenance costs due to the higher number of employees working remotely. So, desk-sharing was born as a way of using unused space better. Adopting a desk-sharing policy can be quite tricky. First, it requires employees’ awareness of why the company is implementing this policy and their cooperation. Second, it can also quickly disrupt the balance of a productive workplace, mostly because employees may feel like they don’t have a home anymore, or they will fight with each other on how and when to use the desks.
  • How do I, as company, benefits from desk-sharing?"
    You can save high maintenance costs, serve for a safer and healthy environment while maintaining hygiene. You will cut the budget on furniture and space. This kind of flexible work environment should attract and retain more talents.
  • How do I, as an employee, benefits from desk-sharing?"
    You will get more flexibility to work remotely at your chosen place of work from any available desk. It will provide you a new exposure to collaborate and develop new working relationships with other sharing partners. The spaces remain hygienic as concerned to your health. The desk-sharing allows minimal belongings on desks, which is a better way to keep the area cleaner.
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