There are six
90 seconds videotutorials up to your desk sharing management.

Raydesk offers you the easiest and fastest way to manage your hybrid office. Note: You can pause the videos at any time and follow the steps one by one.

Step 1: Create Buildings & Floors – Build your fort within Raydesk

Once you register your company with Raydesk, it’s time for action. Now you need to create a building and floors on the building. All you need to do is go to the ‘Buildings’ section of the app. Here’s the video tutorial for creating a building and its floors.

Step 2: Create new Bookable Objects

Raydesk can provide you the advantage of creating desks and other sharing/bookable objects/areas like car parking space, laptop/computer, charging stations. Here in this video, we shared the steps to create a new bookable object (in this case – a  table).

Step 3: Manage Floors – Add & remove objects, change their placements, and much more

Once you have created your building and your floor, it's time to add objects to it. You can do this easily by first clicking on "Manage building" and then going to "Manage objects" in the building >. This video tutorial will show you step by step how to place an object on the floor.

Step 4: Create/Upload Users
(Method A: with csv upload)

Once you have your building and floors ready with all placed objects, all you need is to upload your CSV file of users who can access the floor. It only takes 2 minutes to do that – ‘Go to the Users Section’ > ‘Click User’ > ‘Click add new user’ > ‘Click on CSV upload.’

If you already have the CSV file ready to upload, upload it and click save. If not, you can always check this detailed video tutorial for creating multiple users.

Step 4: Add a New Department
(Method B: without csv upload)

If you are uploading multiple users, your department will automatically create via CSV file, but if you want to create individual users, you need to create a new department manually.

It would be best if you went to ‘Users’ > ‘Click on Departments’ > ‘Click on Create Department’
That’s it. You can always add a new department manually. Check this video to understand the process practically.

Step 4b: Create Individual Users
(Method B: without csv upload)

If a new employee just joined your company or your need to add someone manually, you can always access ‘Create Users.’

‘Click on User icon’ > ‘Click add user’ > ‘Add the information manually.’
This tutorial will lead you through the whole process of creating an individual user.

Step 5: Create Object Rules

Object rules give the user or a user group special access respectively not access to certain objects. So, for example, if you need to make HR tables exclusively available for HR staff, you can easily set the ‘Object rules’ for that purpose.

This video tutorial will show you the steps to ‘set an object rule’ on a particular object. For example, you can make an object bookable or non-bookable for a particular group of people with the help of these object rules.