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17 ways to stay motivated at home office

Every day is a new task. It is more than just work while you are working from home. With time, we all know the importance of the home office. It's now not a luxury but a neccessity. But as every good thing comes with a flaw, so the home office. A home office is a boon to continue our work during the pandemic, but it also comes with new challenges.

You are meeting a deadline while worrying about the laundry. You are taking care of a crucial project while looking after your child's desperations. And what about the odd-hours food cravings. There are distractions. You can't hide from them. As hybrid workplace culture is turning into reality – the home-office has its critical role in the play. But here's an important question – how to stay active and motivated while working from home?

However, at the home office, we have tons of distractions and many reasons to lose our productive sight. But there is a solution to every problem.

In this article, I will show you 18 ways to stay motivated while working from home.

1. Create a Schedule – A structured workday will keep your time under control. Without a schedule, you might fall into the trap of false productivity. It'll lead to long working evenings hence late night work. It also causes frustration to not getting work on time. A project which takes only 30 minutes may take 2 hours. You can't achieve anything until you have a work schedule- Priortize urgent, meaningful, and un-important work. Plan everything a day ahead.

2. A dedicated workplace – Distractions could hit you from anywhere. If you're working from a sofa, you might fall asleep in comfort. The living room has anybody and everybody to loot your attention. But if you have a schedule and a dedicated workplace, nobody would dare to enter your space. Keep an airy room full of lights reserved for you for your workplace. Less furniture can work great and keep you away from distractions. Don't establish a workplace

in your bedroom; keep it away so you can reach your home-office every day.

3. Manage your time in small chunks – Don't give yourself gigantic work; break them into small time blocks. The time blocks will keep you productive while you never lose your patience. Small batches of work will make you do a lot more.

4. Block your distractions – Blocking time and space will help you from physical threats. But what about internal cravings. It could be anything – watching new social media status or getting a fourth cup of coffee. How can you save time here? Fix your number of in-between meals, and keep necessary snacks near you. Use blocking distracting websites during working hours. The next two tips will help you more in staying motivated while blocking all distractions.

5. Challenge yourself – It is a subtle charm for inspiration. Keep challenging yourself with new tasks or a new level of expertise. Every time you do something new, you found adrenaline flowing in your viens. Tip one high-quality task daily – and mark it in bold letters. Your task is to cross that heavy task.

6. Reward yourself – Every reward will train your brain to do more good. Reward yourself for staying away from distractions. Give yourself a boost when you complete a herculean task. Even small wins could keep you on track. Count every blessing and give yourself a suitable recognization.

7. Self-care makes you feel better – Don't feel ashamed about self-care. Inflammable stress will only take you backward. Healthy living and mindful conversation is all you need. A healthy diet and sweaty morning rituals will lead to an energetic day ahead. Simultaneously, conversation with the people you care about most and even with yourself could light your shoulders.

8. Dress like at work – The thought of working in pajamas is tempting. But home-like clothes put you in leisure mode, so its always best to dress for work. Wear More casual pants and suits. It will give you a fresh look and made you work-ready.

9. Check-in with your colleagues – Don't fall as the prey of boredom. Connecting with team mates always boost morales. If not physically, at least make a call or a zoom session. There are plenty of ways to keep updated. Always talk to your colleagues, ask for help, give a hand, or play the median role. Stay away from sameness.

10. Experiment with different strategies – There is always more than one way to do a thing. Try a new process of a task; it'll always keep you awake. Experiment with new strategies, different ways to kill boredom.

11. Get some personal time – Personal time is crucial to avoid anxiety, depression, other burnouts. Always keep some personal time to reflect on yourself. It will allow you to stay motivated and clear your mind. Every time you come back from your personal time or break, you feel refreshed and full of energy.

12. Mix home office with the local office – Try a hybrid work culture to keep track of your progress. Occasionally moving to the office and meeting people in-person will make you happy. Taking every day as a new day is also an essential part of a motivated life.

13. Walk (Go outside) – Take a breath in the fresh air. Go outside, walk in your neighborhood or woods, and enjoy the beauty around you. Nature is a perfect place to seek confidence in life. Suppose you're burning out from the headache of overloaded work. Take a few minutes, go outside, buy groceries, or anything, and refresh yourself with new energy.

14. Talk to your boss – Getting feedbacks from your superior is another way for motivation. Talk to your boss, share your thoughts, and ask for feedback. Work like you used to work at your office. It is a fair part of the process not to lose the vision and stay aligned with your organization's mission.

15. Nothing cynical in the morning – Don't watch negative news. That's for never. You could postpone your calls in the afternoon. In fresh morning hours, you must begin with something reasonable and achievable. It'll help you to stay happy all day.

16. Regulate your emotions – Discomfort is also a cause for lack of motivation. The desire to avoid uncomfortable emotions is one such cause that develops anxiety and hence more demotivation. The best way to deal with these emotions is to acknowledge them. Tell yourself you can handle your feelings and craving for comfort. Remind yourself how great you feel once you achieved a task. Put a check-list in front of you, motivate yourself for 10- minutes, get the kick-start, and keep going.

17. Keep track of activities – Track your daily accomplishments, review at the day-end. Appreciate yourself for great-work, and say it loud – "I'll do more better next day." Write down your daily accomplishments, and note down your thoughts. It'll free you from daily stress and keep your eyes on the goal.

Home office, along with a hybrid workplace, will become the future of the way we work. Self motivation is always the key to success. Whenever you feel bad, listen to your best music, eat something that makes you happy, or have a walk-in woods. Once office was just another place to release your productivity; now, its work speaks for you.

Which strategy will you use? Tell me in the comments below.

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